Infrastructure Management Program (IMP)


Welcome to our website. Since 1995 Yokohama National University has been providing prominent mid-career engineering professionals with chances to study infrastructure management under its inter-faculty Master’s Degree Program in Infrastructure Management (IMP) funded by Japanese Government and administered by the World Bank. More than 170 scholars have already graduated and have been actively working in their countries with their full knowledge and experience gained in Japan.

Infrastructure plays an important role in economic growth, improving social welfare and equitable distribution of income among people and regions. Appropriate infrastructure management is crucial to fully utilize expensive infrastructure for the above objectives. Yokohama is one of the most suitable places to study such subject because the development of the city itself shows the evidence of the importance of infrastructure development and its appropriate management.

IMP is an interdisciplinary program jointly organized by graduate schools of law, economics, business administration, engineering and environment. Stress is placed on management rather than engineering. The program offers lectures in the fields of engineering, environment, economics, management and law, together with practical Japanese, mathematics, computer techniques and other basic subjects in the first year. During the second year, students engage in practicum training programs related to their areas of studies. Finally, students submit thesis, which is a requirement for the completion of the Master’s program. Mid-career engineering professionals who have active role in their country’s development in the World Bank developing member countries are eligible to apply for IMP.

You are encouraged to apply for IMP if you intend to build bridges to the future in your countries. We look forward to seeing you in Yokohama.

Kimitoshi HAYANO
Infrastructure Management Program
Yokohama National University