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This page is publishing the Master’s theses and Doctoral Dissertations lists.


Doctoral Dissertations

433 Doctor of Engineering TAKAAKI NAGAOSA Proposal of noise mitigation facilities and noise level estimation along the ultra high speed railway
38 Doctor of Engineering KEITA NAKAMURA Development of a rotational hardening hyperelasto-plasticity model considering thermodynamics restrictions for soils
39 Doctor of Engineering TOSHIYUKI TAKAO Modeling of anoxic water formation and its countermeasure in a closed embayment formed after the construction of large-scale port facilities
40 Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering ANDIUS DASA PUTRA Slaking and deformation behavior of mudstone

Master’s Theses

515 Analytical Study on Seismic Response of Miner Structural Components in Steel-Gymnasium Roof
516 A study on the influence of climate change on district cooling and heating in Minatomirai21
517 Effect of the Lateral Buckling Behavior of H-shaped Steel Beam with RC Slab -Study Considering the Structural Properties of Headed Studs-
518 Study on the current status and problems of stadium construction and management by local government. : Case study of Kitakyusyu City.
519 A study on Rooftop Utilization of Long-term Medium-Rise Buildings in Densely Built-up Area -Consideration of Possibility of Public Use –
520 Study on the guideline of sustainable design for tube houses in Vietnam
521 Research on health and safety by the street security light’s shifting to the LED
522 The influence of topography, road width and greens on a green coverage rate and impression evaluation in walking place of residential area
523 A study on houses for farmers who produced silkwarm eggs in Shimamura.; with a central focus on Ryusaku area
524 The study on local residents’ awareness of maintaining urban waterside -for waterside in parks and green ways in Yokohama-
525 Study on Partnershio between Museum and Civic Activities -Survey on Museums in Kanagawa and Civic Activities in Chigasaki City-
526 The recognition and the implementation of urban design on Japanese local governments
527 Research on Non-Energy Benefit of a Self-Sutainable Decentralized Energy System with the Input-Output Tables in Yokohama MinatoMirai-21 district
528 Analysis of the influence of natural disaster on real estate value -Tsunami inundation in Shonan Area-
529 Study on Historical Assessment of the Club of the Former Japanese Army in the Meiji and Taisho Period
530 Study on sound environment in nurseries and child care workers’ stress
531 Experimental Study on integrity of the Outside Attached Seismic Strengthening Method Using Steel Panel Damper
532 A study on behavior of double air-inflated membrane structure under dynamic wind load
533 Potential of district-wide management and use conditions of streets in the core area of Yokohama
534 A study on the process of forming individual roles and factors of it in community business ~Focusing on the town-making with renovation in Atami~
535 Development of specialized support for welfare living environment of Japan and Korea -From the viewpoint of housing welfare professional of Korea-
536 Study on Bond Effect on Restoring force characteristics of Reinforced Concrete Beams
537 A study on modification of performance model for classical music player
538 A Study on Mutual Assistance among multiple Generation in Utilization of Physical and Human Resources of Residential Area -From the trial of town development through home sharing as mutual assistance-
539 On Small Change -Francois Truffaut’s theory about children and his method
540 Basic study on honeycomb wooden cylindrical shell with structural screw
541 Research on evaluation of green wall using conjoint analysis : A case study of university education facilities
542 Study on Estimation Method of Plastic Deformation in Damaged Steel Member based on the outplane Displacement of the Section
543 Analysis on attitude of evacuation behavior of high-rise condominium residents based on questionnaire survey
544 Seismic Resistance of Steel Braces Considering Fracture Due to Local Buckling
545 A study on moment resisting L type connection using coupled beams by shear resistance of long screw and embedding
546 Function and role of architectural expert working area renovation project
547 Study on Seismic Resistant Design of Braced Moment Frames based on Energy Equilibrium -Consideration to Post-buckling Fracture of Brace-
548 Permeative revitalization of vacant lands in central urban area :case study of Kitsuki City and Saga City
549 A study on the boundary in Carlo Scarpa
550 Problems of “Regional Art” : Artworks as Experience on site
551 Study on estimating methods for alteration work time of interior finishes
552 The study on “tectonic of territory”
553 To identify the experience of “the street” -The study of repetitions including times-
554 Architecture across the city as urban structure
555 Architecture which put people away behind the scenery
556 The architecture mediate between the natural environment and life
557 Architecture to redefine the servant-space by region specific become the city skeleton
558 The theory of the artificial land -the architecture to bring an organic environment-
559 The theory of Resource Form -A great environment restructured from local resource-
560 Architecture as a small city / Small city as a huge house
561 The theory of expanding and shrinking urban environment -A consideration of architecture to be found in the breath of topography-
562 Performing Acts of Splicing
563 Filming “memories” of the city -The stories of Hiranuma and MM21 districts of Yokohama-
564 The study of the influence of Ooka River basin waterbodies in the Urban Morphology of Yokohama
565 Study on methodology of insulation refurbishment with considering health during winter in old multiple dwelling estate
566 Evaluation of Management Plans Related to World Heritage Tomioka Silk Mill and the Silk Industry Heritage Group
567 A Study on Travel Behavior and Community Formation in Catchment Area of Urban Rail Transit’s stations in Suburbs in Bangkok, Thailand
568 Application of ARX modeling to long-term bridge monitoring date for structural condition assessment
569 Non-equilibrium adsorption characteristic of multiple heavy metals on soils and its modeling
570 Study on the application of Alternative Intersections in Japan
571 Quantitive Evaluation of Effects of Measures to Control Initial Defects in NATM Tunnel Lining Concrete
572 A study on bridge management plan including the abolition of the bridge by comparing reduction of maintenance cost and declining of area utility
573 Research on Extent of the Effect on Poverty Reduction by Improvement of Mobility -Case of Metrocable in Medellin, Colombia
574 Refinement and verification of liquefaction hazard map for road network in Tokyo Bay area
575 Verification of Model Validity and Prediction of Large Earthquake Behavior of a Cable-Supported Bridge based on Monitoring
576 Seismic Risk Analysis of Existing Bridges in Yokohama-city considering Structural Condition using GIS
577 Curing effect and its mechanism on the strength deformation characteristics of PS ash-based improved soil
578 A study of coastal erosion and deposition processes due to the river channel change in Subang regency, Indonesia
579 A study on the role of private organizations in issue of Korean youth – Through the field work of three support groups –
580 A Study on the Role and Effects of Public Open Spaces in City Centers -Focusing on Area Image Perception and Pedestrian Walking Behavior-
581 Dynamics of radioactive cesium in a lake with ice-covered period
582 Failure Behavior to FRC Member Subjected to Load by Shear Keys
583 Short and long-run Impact of basin deposit failures in Nepal and discussion on possible measures for the future
584 Analysis of causes inducing multiple maintenance locations in a soil subgrade section of high-speed railway and proposal of countermeasures
585 A study on sustainable Bus Rapid Transit in developing cities -A case study of Bangkok BRT-
586 Experimental study on the latent hydraulicity of granulated slag and its strength characteristics
587 Assessment of landslide risks along Trishuli valley walls ravaged by the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake
588 Study on Direct Extraction for Rational Function Approximation of Aerodynamic Derivatives
589 Investigation of countermeasures against very long tunnel warming
590 A study on the evaluation of railway station position of importance in the metropolitan suburbs -Focusing on the railway station where the number of passengers dropped-
591 A Study of the Effect of Organic Contents on Physical Properties of Bottom Sediments
592 A study of the traffic management scheme during incidents in Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway
593 Development of Estimation Methods for Salinity and Upwelling Distributions Based on the Optical Property of Color Dissolved Organic Matter by the Geostationary Ocean Satellite in Tokyo Bay
594 Application of sparse modeling for structural reliability analysis of existing bridges
595 Development and application of foreshore beach profile change model Considering the effect of grain size
596 Sulfur Dynamics in Blue Tide Phenomena in Tokyo Bay
597 Families and Gender of Kopinos in Philippines through Life Stories : Korean-Filipino Children who choose “Kopinos”
598 Citizen Movement against Air Pollution in Japan–the case of Kawasaki City,Kanagawa prefecture
599 Elucidation of Sediment Pollution in Marine Milkfish Cage Culture
600 Study on wind loud of suspension bridge stiffening girder under self excited aerodynamic forces
601 Design of performance of self-rising Tsunami breakwater and verification by experiment
602 The study on the possibility of utilization and management of road – in the case of play street –
603 Architecture forming Topographic-Node -dynamics caused by Heterotopia-
604 Architecture which flourishing people’s mind
605 Seeing Others’ Umwelten : Body | Camera | Environment
606 Hunting as a Vocation : An Anthropological Study of Wildlife Management and Resource Utilization in Japan
607 Time in theater