Admission Policy

[ Master’s Program ]

◎Department of Architecture and Urban Culture
Those who are interested in artistic activities, thoughts and engineering, which are the foundations for creating sustainable, mature, and rich cities / architectural spaces, with passion and sensibilities to become sophisticated experts on architecture and cities.

-Specialization in Architecture and Urban Culture
Those who are trying to challenge themselves with curiosity and ability to take action, for acquiring the deep expertise needed to build cities that are safe and comfortable, rich and in harmony with the environment. Those having abundant creativity for planning the cities where we will live in the future, with potential to realize and deliver the dreams using scientific thinking, and a strong willpower with responsibility for the society of the future. Those having the ability to carry out leading-edge and critical inquiry of Urban Culture / Art and Culture, while re-questioning the concepts of “mature”, “safe”, “comfortable”, “sustainable”, and “innovative”, etc., after acquiring basic and fundamental knowledge about Urban Culture / Art and Culture. And those who wish to play an active part in the work related to the creation of the new Urban Culture / Art and Culture.

-Specialization in Architecture
Those who aim to be architects, not only well versed in the field of architectural design, but also with a broader perspective including social philosophy, social sciences, etc., while collaborating with the fields of construction theory, urban environment, structural technology, and art and culture.

-Specialization in Culture
Those who aspire to create next generation of urban culture / art environment from a broad perspective, not only well versed in the art / culture such as visual arts, music, contemporary arts, literary media, etc., but also collaborating with the fields of architecture and urban design, and urban environment.

◎Department of Infrastructure and Urban Society
Those having motivation to create or recreate safe and secure cities and countries, and having the willingness for mutual understanding and interaction with different regions, by deeply understanding the social, cultural and historical characteristics of the areas in Japan and overseas.

-Specialization in Infrastructure and Urban Society
Those who hope to engage in creation and management of highly comfortable and attractive cities or countries, giving due consideration to disaster prevention and environment, while acquiring advanced knowledge and applied skills related to civil engineering, gaining a wide range of knowledge from natural sciences to humanities and social sciences, by integrating and reconstructing this knowledge from a comprehensive perspective. Those who aspire to contribute to the formation of a specific community environment, while theoretically and practically exploring the new public nature that can earnestly help in survival / coexistence of diversity, from a multifaceted perspective using the knowledge of humanities and social sciences.

-International Graduate School of Infrastructure (IGSI)
Those who hope to master advanced civil engineering with an international perspective, from which they can make a contribution at research institutions focused on developing countries, organizations or businesses responsible for civil engineering development, and international organizations.

[ Doctoral Program ]

◎Department of Urban Innovation
Those who aspire to play a leadership role at a higher level in global urban innovation, by having knowledge related to natural sciences and engineering such as architecture and building science / urban planning / civil engineering studies, etc., and knowledge of various developments in art and culture / socio-culture.