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This page is publishing the Master’s theses and Doctoral Dissertations lists.


Doctoral Dissertations

428 Doctor of Engineering YASUMIKI YAMAMOTO Study on performance verification in seismic retrofit design for steel superstructure of long-span cable-supported bridges
33 Doctor of Engineering VEERAYUT KOMOLVILAS Fundamental Study of Liquefaction and Hydraulic Collapse of Unsaturated Soils
34 Doctor of Engineering KAI ZHANG A numerical investigation on the aerodynamic properties of the wavy circular cylinders
35 Doctor of Philosophy PAVEL TRAVNICEK Functionally graded strain hardening cementitious composites for improving concrete durability
36 Doctor of Engineering PATTAMAPORN WONGWIRIYA A study on the evaluation of paratransit system to support the sustainable transportation in developing countries: A case study of Songtaew in Thailand
37 Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering SHUNICHIRO YOSHITAKE Research on the regeneration systems for the shrinking built-up areas in Tokyo metropolitan area

Master’s Theses

506 Architecuture influenced by Landscape in historical context
507 Living Ruins of Tokyo: Preservation, Rhythm and Reinterpretation
508 Analysis of the Effectivenese of the sewage system on the river water quality in rapidly urbanizing areus
509 A parametric study on cable safety factor of diagonal cable supported bridges
510 Comparative study of the Non-Capital Functions Relocation of Beijing and the Capital Functions Relocation of Tokyo
511 The urban space cultivates regional living
512 Architecture created by local memory and modernity.
513 Study on ambiguous space and regionality beyond architecture
514 Architecture that opens possiblities for people