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This page is publishing the Master’s theses and Doctoral Dissertations lists.


Doctoral Dissertations

422 D. Philosophy SAE USHIO Diversity assessment of biological community of urban river -Based on consideration of society and law-
28 Ph.D. in Engineering HOANG TRONG LAM Identification of flutter derivatives of truss bridge deck from gust response
29 D. Engineering YANG ZI Basic study on disaster prevention and emergency support for foreign residents based on regional characteristics
30 D. Engineering MUCHEBVE EDWIN Numerical simulation and analysis of mechanisms and fluid dynamics driving mixing and salt flux in coupled brackish lakes
31 D. Philosophy KIM YURA Study on mutual support among close-residential relationship in suburban area
32 D. Engineering SHINICHI YOKOYAMA Architectural-historical study on the main building of the Yakyu Inari Shrine

Master’s Theses

419 A study on inheritance of local heritage by collaboration between experts and citizens -Reconsideration of network in Miura Ecomuseum-
420 Study on actual use of open space by street stalls for communities and the method of citizen participation
421 A study for making a view point to W. M. Vories’s architecture: Focus on the relationship between him and customers of school building in the capital area
422 For a new interpretation of clothing: an approach via G.G. de Clerambault’s photographies, theory of clothes and psychiatry
423 Study on estimation method of seismic shear force in anchorage connecting steel roof to the RC gymnasium
424 A study of the restoration plan of the Kamakura era housing in Imakoji-nishi sites
425 Study on evaluation of deformation capacity for pile foundation based on soil-pile interaction test
426 A study on temporary stay spaces during disasters in commercial/business district
427 A theory about substantiality of the city
428 Experimental study on the outside attached seismic strengthening method using steel damper
429 A study on growth process of community business utilizing unused real estates -A case study on the activities of stakeholders in town-making with renovation in Atami-
430 Effect of eccentricity on collapse process of a reinforced concrete structure -Ultimate deformation of six-story test specimen with unevenly distributed shear walls for shaking table test-
431 Effect of environmental selecting option on comfort for office workers under task and ambient lighting
432 A study on utilization of fire proof belt building which been used refractory-construction loans analyzing the consciousness of owners: From the research in Kannai and Kangai area, Yokohama
433 Study on the shopping suport and the fostering of mutual watch care system in regional community by “joint purchase base”
434 A study on methods for creating local characteristics of open space on a premise in multiple land use of residence and commerce: Case study of Daikanyama area
435 Study on the role of artist in residence in vicinity of creation in Yokohama city
436 Proposal of an energy saving house considering climate of Sandi Arabia
437 Experimental study on in-plane shear behavior of masonry walls with openings using ALC blocks
438 The problem of copy in Kumagai Morikazu’s painting style
439 A study on exhibition of Ecomuseum -Based on necklace model of local heritage-
440 Study on installation and development of self-reliance power for present regional energy system
441 Study on seismic residence design of braced moment frames: Effect of strength and stiffness of brace-end and vibration damping
442 A study on the creative conversion for industrial space on industrial city in Tokyo bay area
443 Study on structural performance for RC members using post-installed adhesive anchors
444 Energy-saving evaluation of the passive design in the high airtight and insulation house
445 Ambivalence and circulation of the “Shukatsu”
446 A study on life-course of residents in aged suburban housing areas -Possibility of social participation and mutual support within the region-
447 A study on factor of change into vacant land and direction of utilization in shrinking city area
448 A study on influence of architectural journals on forming architectural image and thought in Japanese Post-modern period
449 Study on the possibility of the new community development strategy by the projects chain -focus on activities in the downtown Ishinomaki city by recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake
450 A basic study on the residents’ awareness about regional historic property -A case study of Sakaishimamura district, Isesaki city, Gunma prefecture
451 A study on utilization for social service of vacant house -Case study on regeneration of detached house-
452 A study on future issues and possibility of shopping street through perception of activity planner and new store shopkeeper: In case of Wadamachi shopping street
453 Experimental study on simplification of surface treatment at slip-critical bolted connection in stainless steel
454 Experimental study on structural performance of RC exterior beam-column joint using mechanical anchorage
455 FEM analysis evaluation on lateral deformation capacity and collapse mechanism of RC column under varying high axial load
456 The place giving you the sense of the city
457 Process of making architecture as association
458 Islands theory
459 Architecture create commonality in large environments
460 The formality and the regional making identity of the places that over times
461 New Rube Goldberg Machine: Possibility of curating exhibition with diagram
462 Viewing from the outside / Measuring from the inside: Model and its dimensions in architecture
463 Abstract Photography: the possibility of digital photography
464 Diane Arbus: Utterance of reprieve, Transborderness, and Facing others
465 Post metabolism
466 Study on the reduction of residential sector energy consumption in aging society
467 A study on architecture following environmental borders
468 A study on the behavior of breakwater caisson during the installation an experimental study of sand vertical mixing depends on breaking wave type
469 The effect of modern housing development in suburban area on travel behavior in developing countries -A case study of Hanoi, Vietnam-
470 Physical and chemical study on the latent hydraulicity and mechanism of strength increase of Granulated Blast Furnace Slag
471 3D modelling analysis and proposal on countermeasures for Blue Tide
472 Investigation of cross-shore and vertical sediment movements in and out of the surf zone
473 Improve indent cable and explore the waterway shape for aerodynamic vibration phenomenon
474 An attempt for quantitative evaluation of liquefaction hazard: A case study in the Tokyo Bay shore area
475 From “wife” to “woman” -Entrepreneurship for woman A case study of Oita –
476 Improvement of durability of RC irrigation canals repaired by surface coating method
477 Seawater exchange and its influence on water quality in brackish-water lake Nakaumi
478 Application of local vibrations acquired by acoustic measurement with UAV to the damage detection of plate-girder bridges
479 Consideration of the deposition effect of sand by bamboo fence
480 Development of coupled deformation-seepage analysis for soil-water-NAPL-air four phases
481 Proposal of quality evaluation method for upper surface of RC slab by surface water absorption test
482 Study on functionary gradient strain hardening cement-based material and durability
483 Development of an algorithm to avoid vehicle conflicts under mixed condition of automated and manual driving
484 Residual deformation characteristics of fouling ballasts from triaxial tests with consideration of stress histories
485 Investigation of resistance against scaling of highly durable RC slab using blast-furnace slag cement and expansive additive
486 A study of the location and spatial characteristics in areas affecting the progress of the generation change
487 A study earthquake-induced instability of moving vehicles in the viaducts and bridges of urban expressway
488 Basic study on uncertainty quantification of seismic isolation bridge model using earthquake monitoring data
489 A study on the spatial characteristics of bus terminals and surrounding area -Case study of large cities in Vietnam-
490 A proposal on mitigation methods for sediment qualities in Ise and Mikawa bay
491 Study on sensing strategies for structural reliability assessment of corroded steel plate-girder bridges
492 A study on developing inconvenience parking report system by citizen participation with smartphone
493 Why creative human resources accumulate? -A case study in Yokohama
494 The implement of the female labor policy in China -By focusing on propaganda of superwoman image
495 Business strategies and development of Japanese company in the republic of Paraguay: A case study of company A
496 A study on travel time characteristics of bus system in Dhaka: Analyzing drivers’ intentional waiting time for passenger collection
497 Numerical analysis with AEM of seismic behavior of unequally settled Tokyo brick viaduct
498 A study on activity changes due tramway with pedestrianized street implementation in Medellin city
499 Effect of the road embankment on flood disaster in QuangNam province, Vietnam and possible measures to minimize the damage
500 Current situation and issues of the technical intern training program for Vietnamese -Through interviews of the returnees
501 Incoherent forms to bring out the imagination
502 Study about the original space in Architecture and City
503 Gender analysis of the migration of Japanese Brazilian woman: Focusing on the context of family reunification
504 The transformation of the creative city policy in an entrepreneurial city: Public-Private ‘Partnership’ and ‘Coalition’ formation in Yokohama, Japan
505 A study on the effect of the social capital of the housing complex on the movement of the elderly