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This page is publishing the Master’s theses and Doctoral Dissertations lists.


Doctoral Dissertations

409 Ph.D. KAZUHISA ORIYAMA Urban renewal in areas with high density of wooden houses -Empirical studies on targeted removal of fire spreading wooden buildings in scale free fire spreading network and on feasibility of cooperative self-reconstruction
410 Ph.D. in Engineering YOJI HAYASHI The acceptance of French architectural theories and teaching methods in Modern Japan -Theory and education of Jumpei Nakamura
10 D. Engineering ALEKSANDER PURBA A study on evaluating urban bus service performance in developing countries -Case studies of medium-sized cities in Indonesia
11 Ph.D. UMBREEN-US-SAHAR Micromechanical modelling for deformational behavior of strain hardening cement-based composites
12 Ph.D. ONOGWU ELIZABETH ODACHI Gender Negotiations: Dialectics and Discourses on Marriage in Contemporary Japan
13 Ph.D. in Engineering HAQUE MD. NAIMUL Shaping effects on aerodynamics of long-span cable-supported bridge deck by Unsteady RANS
14 Ph.D. in Engineering LE VAN HIEN Application of time-series analysis to GPS-base long-term monitoring of a cable-stayed bridge
15 Ph.D. in Engineering A.A.W.R.R.M.K. AMUNUGAMA Development of a benthic-pelagic coupled numerical model for analyzing water and sediment quality in Tokyo Bay
16 D. Engineering YEUN SEONGMIN Study on the temperature change factor and the use of stable environmental heat sources

Master’s Theses

312 Study on Architecture which came from and will be historical environment
313 Healing and decay of rock friction and its constitutive model
314 Study of aerodynamic performance of bridge deck with vehicles under cross wind
315 Sensitivity analysis of a numerical model of an existing base-isolated building considering parameter uncertainties
316 The common urban environment and architecture to come
317 Architecture Producing <traffic>
318 Architecture restructuring livelihood and culture in the area