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Ooka International Residence is a quality housing complex for an international community of students, researchers, and faculty and administrative staff of YNU; which aims to promote multicultural exchange and understanding. This new residence, opened in September 2010, has 252 studio rooms for international students. The advantage of staying at Ooka International Residence is that the occupancy during the whole program period is guaranteed (students need not look for housing for the second year). University-affiliated housing facilities for accompanying family members are extremely limited. Students wishing to bring their families will be asked to make their own arrangements. It is advised that students who intend to bring family members wait until after the first semester of the program, when they become familiar with living conditions in Yokohama.


YNU has some cafeterias which are lively, bright and spacious. YNU Cafeterias provide food service menus with variety of food choice which fit to an individual condition. For example, there are Halal menu for Muslim students and it is changed every week. Some Cafeterias have electronic cashing system, the meal can be paid with several kind of Electronic money cards.


A side of administrative staff and professors, volunteers will also support IMP students lives. There are some volunteer associations in YNU and local community.
105 and ISL have been officially approved by YNU International Strategy Organization, those associations consist of volunteer students.
RKK and Mitsui V-net have consisted of many senior citizen. Communicating with various age Japanese will bring a good wealth of experience about Japanese culture to IMP students.

Support Service for international students by YNU student staff
YNU is an open University for the World, foreign students in master and doctoral courses account about 20% of all YNU Students in Graduate Schools. YNU has some organizations to exchange with foreign students, Japanese volunteer students are supporting foreign students very actively in there.
Japanese and international student staff (105 & ISL staff) are available for helping and chatting.

For 105, please drop by the 2nd floor lobby of the International Student
Center (S1-3) (M-F, 11:30 - 14:30)
 Yokohama National University International Student Center 105


For ISL, please drop by the room in the LAWSON (N10-4) (12:10-12:50 on
Mon., Wed. and Fri.).
 International Students Lounge (ISL)

Local Communities
 RKK(Relationship and Kindness are the Kings of peace)

Mitsui V-net Mitsui Volunteer Network Center


Many events are held by IMP Office, International Affairs Office in YNU, Volunteers and IMP students.


Up to 5 scholarships are allocated to the IMP program by the World Bank. Each scholarship provides a monthly allowance (most probably JPY150,000- JPY 170,000) and a round-trip air ticket to Japan plus a travel allowance of USD500. The scholarship also covers tuition fees, the entrance examination fee and the admission fee.

Support Center for Gender Equality, YNU

IMP Students can receive following service from "Support Center for Gender Equality"

Support Room

Acceptable User: YNU Staff and Professor and Student in YNU Graduate School Child allowed to accompany: 0-6years

Acceptable User Above mentioned can use the support room in following situations;
• Acceptable User accompany his/her child to YNU from unavoidable reason.
• Acceptable User with poor physical condition(relating to pregnancy and childbirth)


About Yokohama City

You can find Information for Yokohama City on following page.