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Zerin Arifa Iffat

IMP 2013-2015 10 Cohort
Housing and Building Research Institute

1. What are the excellent and characteristic points of IMP curriculum?

In my point of view, in this special inter-faculty program, each and every lecture, field visit, seminar, internship and individual research projects have provided the participants with a comprehensive in-depth knowledge on institutional and technical aspects of infrastructure planning, development and management in Japan along with other developed countries in the world which have broadened their vision to think out of the box beyond the limits of their individual fields of specializations.

2. How will the knowledge and degree earned by IMP be practical when a women working as a government office?

In the changing global situation, female government officials engaged in planning and implementing nations' infrastructure development policies have to compete with their male colleagues to prove their capacities to acquire leading positions in managing and decision making for their organizations. The advanced knowledge and experiences in technological management, global economies and international laws along with the degree obtained from the Infrastructure Management Program will be the objective evidences for the female officials' skills and capacities which will provide them with concrete confidences to lead their organizations towards ultimate excellence in infrastructure development of their countries, which eventually will facilitate them to stepping forward to the individual glorious professional carriers.

3. Message to applicant

For the applicants, it is vitally important to acquire advanced knowledges and experiences in the field of international management, global economics and technological advancement all over the world to be efficiently engaged in planning, decision making and implementation of infrastructure development policies for the welfare of their own nations. The unprecedented knowledge and experiences which can be earned from the Infrastructure Management Program in YNU will open the gate for the prospective participants to acknowledge their roles as the future leaders of the developing nations.