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This page is publishing the Master’s theses and Doctoral Dissertations lists.


Doctoral Dissertations

451 Doctor of Philosophy(in Engineering) ZHEN SUN Estimation of Load Carrying Capacity for Girder Bridges under a Moving Vehicle by Radar-based Displacement Measurements
452 Doctor of Philosophy(in Engineering) NOBUAKI SAKURAI Proposal of A New Semi-Regid Connection for Precast Prestressed Concrete Slabs and its Verification
453 Doctor of Engineering MASAAKI MIYAMOTO Numerical Study on Fluctuating Air Pressure Loads by High-Speed Trains for the Safety Evaluation of Tunnel Lining
454 Doctor of Philosophy MAKI ISHIZAWA Transformation of Local Community and Citizenship
455 Doctor of Engineering YOSHITOSHI MOCHIZUKI Development of a paper sludge-based stabilizer for mud and its practical application
2149 Doctor of Engineering CHANG KAI Development of solar radiation and atmospheric radiation models and their applications in China
2150 Doctor of Engineering AHMAD SEIAR YASSER Evaluation of iron application method to remediate coastal marine sediment
2151 Doctor of Engineering SHUHEI YAMASHITA Study on the progress and furture direction of the Gross National Happiness policy system in the Kingdom of Bhutan

Master’s Theses

749 Study on Architectural Planning for the Facilities Attached to Art Museum
750 A Study on the Cross-Shaped Support of Tensile Membrane Structure Using ETFE Film – About the Suggestion and Effectiveness of Laminated Cross-Shaped Support-Plate –
751 Improvement of Indoor Thermal Environment by Natural Ventilation in Tube Houses in Da Nang, Vietnam
752 The Relations between Natsuyuki Nakanishi’s Paintings and His Words : Works from 1980 to 1989
753 Realism in Quantum Theory : Copenhagen Interpretation and Schrodinger
754 Relationship between Socialism and the Garden City Theory from the End of the 19th to the Beginning of the 20th Century in England – Focusing on the Fabian Society –
755 An Experimental Study on Shear Failure Mode of RC Beams with Non-Structural Wall Having Structural Gaps
756 Shear Behavior and Strength Evaluation Accuracies of Indirect Joint Using Post-Installed Anchor
757 A Study on Functions and New Roles of Town Development Bases – Case Study on Yokohama City –
758 Study on the Living in Home of the Disabled Children with Medical Care
759 A Study on the Actual Situation and Issues of Application of Metabolic Philosophy to Cities – Focusing on Hishino New Town by Kisho Kurokawa-
760 A Study on Utilization and Chain of Idle Real Estate Led by Private Sector Initiatives Forming Vicinity of Creation -Case Study on Kannai Area in Yokohama-
761 Development of a Simple Method for Measuring the Heat Transfer Coefficient of the Building Envelope
762 A Study on the Cost Acceptance of Securing Electric Power for Business Continuity in Case of Disaster -For Large Facility –
763 Isamu Noguchi in Macdougal Alley : The Interlocking Sculptures around the End of the Word WarⅡ
764 Experimental Study on Bond Behavior of Main Bars and Restoring Force Characteristics of Reinforced Concrete Members
765 A Study on Resident’s Consciousness in Utilizing Vacancy Condominiums – Focusing on Obstacles to Utilization Other than for Residential Use –
766 A Study on Community-Based Information and Sense of Place among Local Residents -A Case Study on "Sign-board Project" in Tokiwadai and Hazawa Area –
767 Study on Demanded Lateral Strength of Braced Moment Frames Considering Post-Buckling Fracture
768 Restoration of Decorations of the Old Yokohama Specie Bank during Restoration Work after the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake – A Preliminary Study of Western Architectural Decoration in Modern Japan in Term Acceptance –
769 A Study on Process of Urban Redevelopment under the Immature Legal System
770 Study on the Practices of Ecomuseums Concluding the Preservation of Building – Collaboration between Local Government and Citizens –
771 The Development of Land Use Analysis Method Using the Seasonal Variation of NDVI
772 Experimental Study on Structural Performance of RC Exterior Bean-Column Joint – Effects of Aspect Ratio and Amount of Joint Hoop on Joint Yielding Failure –
773 A Study on Behavior of Double Air-Inflated Membrane Structure Considering Boyle-Charles Law – Examination of High-Order Vibration Modes and Evaluation of Behavior under Dynamic Wind Load –
774 A Study on How to be Created the Interaction of Users in Places Open to the Community -For Two Stores in Atami Ginza Shopping Street –
775 A Study on Usage of Regional Historical Property – Based on an Awareness Survey of Residents and Conservation Organization in the Case of the Mandai Kaikan –
776 Study on Opening Size of Composite Slabs without Reinforcement
777 A Study on Operating Efficiency of Waste Heat Recovering Heat Pump in Relation to Climate Change Impacts
778 Study on Regional Information and Resources in the Planning of Public Libraries
779 Study on Indoor Air Environment Guideline in Nursery Facilities in Urban Area – Through Measurement and Questionnaire Survey for Nursery Rooms –
780 Research on Ductility of SC Piles
781 Study on Estimation Method of Residual Seismic Performance in Damaged Steel Member Considering the Effect of Section Shape
782 Study on the Rotation Capacity of Steel Brace Connections Considering Post-Buckling Behavior
783 Study on the Effect of Introducing Self-Supporting Disturbed Energy in Welfare Shelters ~For the Community Care Plaza in Yokohama~
784 Study on Green Tea Space Centered on Literary People
785 An Architectural Theory for Building that are Constantly Being Uptadad
786 Architecture that Perceives the Landscape – Study on Design Method to Return from Overhead View to Experience –
787 Architecture as a Narrator
788 Architecture with Spaces that Live
789 Architecture Forming Urban-Living
790 Architecture as Continuation with Landform and Life
791 Small Architecture Affects Urban Structure – The Study about Polysemous Figure/Grounds –
792 Space of Adjective
793 Magical Girl Sertraline
794 A Research on Risk of Heat Stroke at Living Space in Summer for Late Elderlies in Aged Apartment Building
795 Study on Mechanical Behavior of Timber Connections with Steel Plate for Folded Plate Structures – Examination of the Influence by the Thickness of Steel Plate –
796 A Study on the Relationship between Layout Planning Techniques and Usage in Suburban Housing Estate – Case Study on Wakabadai Housing Estate –
797 The Analysis of Kon Satoshi’s Visual Expression
798 Study on Spatial Composition Characteristics of Liyuan in the Historic District of Qingdao City
799 Urban and Architecture as an Ideal Environment in Philosophy of Fengshui
800 Study on the Zero Energy Office Buildings in China
801 An Analysis of the Characteristics of "Masculinity" in the "2.5-dimensional" Stages, Touken Ranbu
802 A Study on Long-term Decrease Factor Analysis of Traffic Capacity Focus on Driving Behavior
803 Proposal of Neutralization Acceleration Method for Alkaline Construction Sludge Using Carbon Dioxide and PS Ash-Based Stabilizing Material
804 A Study on Evaluation of Bus Routes Based on the Road Network Hierarchy
805 Dynamics of Iron, Manganese and Sulfur during Upwelling Events in Tokyo Bay
806 Discussion of Improved Typhoon Simulation Model Focusing on Sea Surface Temperature Properties
807 Fragility Analysis of Existing Bridge Systems Forcusing on Traffic Serviceability after Earthquake
808 A Study on Travel Behavior Analysis Considering of Modality Style
809 A Study on the Space Composition of Station Plaza and Communication of Community Residents
810 Study on Spatial Distribution of City Cores in Portland Metropolitan Area
811 The Existence of the Leak Current to Appear on the Intersection of the Reinforcing Bar and Macrocell Corrosion
812 Load Capacity Evaluation of Corroded Steel Plate Girder Bridge by Deep Learning of Strain Distributions
813 A Study on Application of Transit Street in Japan
814 Study on Applicability of Taut-Strip Model Test on Evaluation of Parallel Bridge Aerodynamic Stability
815 A Study of Seismic Ultimate Behavior of Light Poles on Viaduct Using Cyclic Loading Experiment
816 Proposal of a Method for Evaluating Lateral Resistance of Ballast for the Tracks with Hanging Sleepers
817 Understanding the Scattering Characteristics of Coastal Areas and Lakes by Using a Radiative Transfer Model
818 Study on Evaluation of Spatially Distributed Mixing Depth Considering Particle Size and Bottom Velocity
819 A Study on Quantitative Analysis of Interaction between Pedestrians and Cars in Shared Space
820 Proposal of Thermal Cracking Probability Curve Based on Real Structure Database of Yamaguchi Prefecture
821 A Study on the Coordinated Traffic Signal Control Considering Both Automobiles and Bicycles
822 Investigation of Curing Method for Attaining Durability of Highly Durable RC Slabs Constructed in Cold Weather
823 Relationship between Topographic and Distribution Characteristics of Microplastic Fragments in the Katase and Kugenuma Beach
824 A Study on Mobility of Suburban Residents in Medium-Sized Cities of Thailand
825 Damage Assessment of Structural Concrete with Sudden Change in Rigidity – Bifurcation of Localized Shear –
826 Study of Temperature Rising Mechanism in Long Urban Road Tunnel by Field Measurement and Numerical Simulation
827 Analysis of Hypoxia and Blue Tide in Tokyo Bay by Using Ecosystem Model
828 Application of Weibull Stress to the Slip Limit Evaluation of High-Strength Bolts Joint
829 The Analysis of Guarani Society and its Relationship with Rural Men’s Behavior and Masculinity : Case Study on the Changing Behavior of Men as Indirect Beneficiaries on Women’s Empowerment Project in Rural Area of Paraguay
830 Study on Weathering of Weak Rocks and its Effects on the Stability of Cut Slope
831 Effects of Indent Shape Change by Repair Work on Wind-Induce Vibration of Stay Cable
832 Analysis of Ecosystem Model with Phytoplankton Composition Shift due to Salinity Variation in Lakes Shinji and Nakaumi
833 Representations of China in 1930s Japanese Proletarian Literature – with Focus on Murayama Tomoyoshi, Kuroshima Denji, Satomura Kinzo –
834 Applicability of the Slag-Soil Mixtures as the Ground Material
835 A Study on the Promotion Measures for the Sustainable Urban Development – A Case Study on the Barangaroo South Development –
836 Environmental Tectonic Architecture – Architectural Design Theory Through Responding Environments –
837 The Architecture Connecting Land and Life
838 Study on the Possibility of ZEH for Rural Area in Northeast China