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This page is publishing the Master’s theses and Doctoral Dissertations lists.


Doctoral Dissertations

60 Doctor of Philosophy(in Engineering) AIBEK TOKTORBAI UULU Study on thermal properties of asphalt concrete pavement and countermeasures against its high surface temperature in tunnel
61 Doctor of Philosophy(in Engineering) DOAN SY LONG Interference effects of wind-over-top flow on twin square cylinders
62 Doctor of Philosophy(in Engineering) HO THI HOAI Evaluation of vehicle dynamic load effects on existing bridges considering traffic flow and surface roughness condition
63 Doctor of Philosophy(in Engineering) MEHBOOB RASUL Prediction of maximum thermal crack width in RC abutments and investigation on influential factors using artificial neural networks
64 Doctor of Engineering DAISAKU ISHIHARA Study on behavior and design method of steel plate girder bridge against lateral loads
65 Doctor of Engineering YOSUKE NAKAMURA A study on “re-use” method of historic building in urban area. – In the former villa of Earl Higashifushimi Kunihide as an example –
66 Doctor of Philosophy(in Engineering) ZHANG TAO Development of heat transfer model inside urban highway tunnel under vehicle thermal effect

Master’s Theses

725 Analytical study on seismic response of roof structure in steel gymnasium by using models without purlin
726 A study on the temple building layout of the Zen temple in Fuzhou, China
727 Numerical simulation of rupture and protrusion of vertically tightened PC steel bars and countermeasures using Applied Element Method
728 Assessment of public service delivery on tolled national highways in India
729 Investigation of early stage distresses in pavement overlay of national highway of Bangladesh
730 The awareness and the acceptance of carbon management in Malaysia
731 Human-elephant conflict in Dimbulagala, Sri Lanka:causes and solutions
732 A study of the determinants of female garments worker’s housing choice in Bangladesh
733 A study on intermodal infrastructure management: characterization of bicycle -TransMilenio BRT users
734 Study on safety factor of bridge stay cable by considering live-dead load stress ratio
735 Identification of characteristics of accidents and hazardous location on Yangon – Mandalay Expressway
736 A model for crushable soils incorporating cyclic behavior and its application to geotechnical problems
737 A new approach to model suction-saturation hysteretic relationship of a multiphase fluid system in porous media
738 Statistical analysis of undertow focusing on the effect of tidal range
739 A study on influence of fare payment systems on dwell time for circular bus services(CBD loop) in Yangon, Myanmar
740 Study on identification of malware-infected IoT devices
741 Fouling conditions and deformation characteristics of the fouled railway ballast of Bangladesh
742 Analysis of development and decline of hypoxia by using monitoring data collected Near the Tama River estuary of Tokyo Bay
743 Impact of metrological and astronomical tidal forcing on saline water intrusion into a coupled brackish lake system Nakaumi and Shinji
744 Vibration-based cable tension estimation accounting for uncertain boundary conditions
745 Architecture with an urban space sequence
746 The method of tangible culture – the ideal way of representative intangibles –
747 The architecture supported by “lived distance”
748 Potential and problems of Japanese civil organizations to resolve social issues -based on crowdfunding case studies