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This page is publishing the Master’s theses and Doctoral Dissertations lists.


Doctoral Dissertations

442 Doctor of Philosophy(in Engineering) NAOTO ISHIZUKA Research on the actual situation of support activities performed by architectural experts during a disaster: A case study of ArchiAid’s disaster support activities through a collective relocation project at Oshika Peninsula
443 Doctor of Engineering KENJI TAKASHIMA Study on in-plane shear behavior and stiffness evaluation of masonry walls using reinforced AAC blocks
444 Doctor of Engineering YOSHIYUKI KAWASAKI A study on elucidation of causing frequent maintenance locations in a ballasted track and its countermeasures for a soil structure section of high-speed railway
47 Doctor of Engineering KENTARO NAGAO Response of pelagic food web structure to nutrients concentration changes in coastal embayments
48 Doctor of Engineering KOTARO YASHIRO Transport of suspended solid in enclosed embayment in subtropical regions and the role of low-turbidity condition in coral breaching
49 Doctor of Engineering ATANASIO ALBERTO TEMBE A study on transportation behavior from perspectives of poverty, motorization and less organized public transportation: Case studies from Maputo and Nairobi
50 Doctor of Philosophy(in Engineering) SHERIF SHOKRY ABDRABO HASSAN A study on unconventional arterial intersection designs (UAIDs) applicability by developing coordination algorithms under the heterogenous traffic conditions
51 Doctor of Engineering BILGUUN BUYANTOGTOKH The indoor thermal environment and the energy consumption of dwellings in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
52 Doctor of Philosophy(in Engineering) BUI QUANG HIEU Study on stretch fabrication of ETFE tensile membrane structures considering friction contact conditions
53 Doctor of Philosophy(in Engineering) DANANG INSITA PURTA Study on disaster management system under decentralization system in Indonesia
54 Doctor of Philosophy(in Engineering) MIYAKO NAKAMURA Study on the utilization of vacant houses in securing the base of social support activities of residents
55 Doctor of Engineering KANGMIN KIM A study on adaptation of resilient district energy system to climate change
56 Doctor of Philosophy DUAN YILIN The discourse of women in Shanghai during Japanese Occupied Era (1941-1945) : the analysis of the “Female Voice” magazine
57 Doctor of Philosophy KENTARO TAKI Art projects as memorial vehicle: Krzysztof Wodiczko’s artistic strategy
58 Doctor of Engineering HIDEHIRO YOKOTA Study on district energy system for the fishery city development in considering the environment and disaster prevention -In case of the system with cogeneration-

Master’s Theses

632 The cooperative building form of Mikasa Shopping Street and its development and inheritance
633 A Study on dynamic behavior of double air-inflated membrane structure -construction and evaluation of dynamic model considering volume variation of circular-aircushion-
634 A case study on the establishment and the living environment of nursing home collaborated with two municipalities
635 The cityscape improvement method including projects linkage under the public-private cooperation toward urban renewal -A case study of Excite Yokohama 22-
636 Experimental study on structural performance of indirect joint for the outside attached seismic strengthening method using steel panel damper
637 Study on feasibility of ZEB in office buildings in Vietnam
638 Study on estimation method of residual seismic performance in damaged steel member based on the shape measurement
639 A study on effect of sound-absorbing material installed in a part of nursery room
640 Construction of transportation model of rescue team to save human life after an earthquake and utilization of this model for emergency response
641 Study on construction of energy system with low carbon and autonomy
642 Study on introduction of rainwater outflow control facility as urban flood management
643 Study on transfer of seismic force and stress estimation in steel roof connected to the RC gymnasium
644 A study on the area mixed with farmland and housing in suburban residential area -A case study of Bukko district, Yokohama City-
645 Study on the support for the elderly’s living by the cohabitance in residential area -Case study on intergenerative shared living-
646 Management process of urban space development project based on several restriction in local cities. -case study of reconstruction project in central area of Ishinomaki City.-
647 Anime-induced tourism with “NUI”(anime-oriented rag dolls) and fans’ desires for connecting to others: meanings of photos of NUI through social media as a fans’ communication tool
648 A study on living-working style in a customizable rental detached housing estates -a case study of Johnson Town-
649 Investigation on outdoor thermal environmental effect of district heating and cooling system in Minatomirai 21 district
650 Architecture and control: making bodies in the Arimasutonbiru
651 Study on the effect of outdoor thermal environment on pedestrian walking speed and choosing shaded place
652 Study on mechanical behavior of timber connections with steel plate for folded plate structures
653 Study on structral performance of composite slab with openings under positive bending
654 Study on deformation capacity based on prefabricated piles experiment and analysis
655 Research on restoration of modern houses from the viewpoint of Higashi-miya ruins: Restoration of Edo Period modern houses and its village in Agatsuma, Gunma
656 A study on formation and fostered field of human network in the vicinity of creation: Case study of Kannai district of Yokohama City
657 Study on museum fatigue and the utilization of sitting space in museums of fine art
658 Fracture stress and material toughness of welded joint in SA440 Steel ~Comparison with 490 N/m㎡ grade steel~
659 A study on evaluation of restoring force characteristics of braced shear wall using L-shaped brace connector
660 Study on temporary land use accompanying reorganization of city block of urban planning project in Shinbashi and Toranomon area
661 The assessment of influence for waterfront pedestrains by urban development : a case of urban river around the Yokohama station
662 Study on small scale renovation and its operation for improving thermal environment in old apartment housings Aiming at mitigating heat shock around bathroom
663 Experimental study on structual performance of RC exterior beam-column joint with large aspect’s ratio using mechanical anchorage of beam main bar
664 A study of inheritance of cultures with oral history in ecomuseum -Case study on Achi ecomuseum-
665 Experimental study on vibration characteristics and dynamic responses of AAC masonry walls in full-scale model by uniaxial shaking table
666 The study to protect civil ruins closely connected to every life with local residents -through analysis of discussion on the continuance of Kitakamakura Tunnel-
667 Conception and practice of the night-time economy promotion in the United Kingdom : focusing on the Purple Frag” system”
668 Unfold a closed place as game -the study for an architecture leads active activity to urban-
669 Architecture creating hierarchical space -grasp the city by changing the dimensions-
670 Narrative Architecture-A architectual design theory to derive the narrative nature of the city-
671 Terra nullius in human habitation
672 The study of the shape of architecture to reveal the identity of the city
673 Space that draws pluralality – The study on building relationship of things-
674 Architecture that rebuild the image of the environment
675 The theory of new Pre-Architecture -Architecture as an environment with fluid direction-
676 Architecture makes the local community area -Study on method which makes spatial realm from regional characteristics-
677 The boundary as the expression of an imaginary world -A study from folklore viewpoint-
678 Living as the nonhuman
679 Sampl (er/ed/ing) body
680 The narrative study of Wong Kar-Wai film: Focusing on the puzzle-network narrative
681 Research on comparison of cultural properties preservation systems in Japan and China
682 Seismic resistance of H-shaped steel braces considering fracture due to local buckling
683 A study on the methodology to set the appropriate number of parking spaces by evaluating smoothness of road network
684 Evaluation of water absorption resistance using surface water absorption test considering the effects of water absorption of coarse aggregate and moisture content of concrete
685 Decomposition of hydration products at high temperatures and risk assessment for explosion of cement concrete
686 Analysis of bivalve-dominated brackish lakes by using a hydrodynamics-ecosystem coupled model
687 Study on performance of cable dampers of Shinminato Bridge by monitoring data
688 Water retention capacity and micro-pore humidity of concrete for different rainfall patterns
689 Proposal of flood countermeasure including high tides and tsunami
690 Macro-cell corrosion of reinforcing bars based on non-local model of polarization reaction
691 Study on seismic response of composite structure of rocks and soils
692 Effective methods of nourishment for steep beaches
693 Performance improvement of deep learning network for damage level dertermination of bridge structural members by visualization technique
694 Study on flow fields around pattern-indented cables and their aerodynamic stability
695 The influence of longitudinal arrangement of reinforcement and joint structures of road bridge concrete slabs on fatigue resistance
696 Proposal of crack control design system utilizing numerical simulation for NATM tunnel lining concrete
697 Selection procedure of existing light poles in urban viaducts for seismic retrofit
698 A study on influence of topographical factors to mode choice: Focusing on attitude and slope
699 Study of nutrient circulation through upwelling event
700 A study on street management with consideration of the characteristics of paratransit ~Case of Songtaew in Thailand, Khon Kaen City~
701 A study of the living environment indices affecting the population change patterns of local districts in rural cities
702 A study on appropriate placement planning method for street utilization in Southeast Asia and Japan
703 Investigation on evaluation method of abrasion resistance of surface coating method for RC irrigation canals
704 Gender structure in mayan indigenous community and women’s economic development: Case of a development project in the State of Quintana Roo in Mexico
705 Evaluation of suppression effect of iron-containing material on hydrogen sulfide and a proposal of novel sediment remediation methods
706 Study on stability of vehicles crossing the Tokyo Bay Bridge under strong winds by numerical simulation
707 Fundamental study on changes of cyclic deformation characteristics of grain-refined ballast
708 Seismic behavior of shallow overburden tunnels excavated in improval ground
709 A study on the evaluation of car usage at transit oriented development cases
710 A study on the methodology to evaluate the performance of signalized intersections with single-lane approaches
711 A study on regional revitalization support in mountainous areas of Japan : Examining revitalization activities of M Village, Niigata Prefecture
712 The investigation of actural maintenance on road bridge based on maintenance records
713 Study on the effect of reduced congestion by introducing variable message signs on expressway rest area
714 Investigation on physical properties of Mongolian subgrade materials and fundamental study on using PS ash as a counter measurement against freeze-thaw action
715 AEM Simulation of seismic retrofitting methods of unreinforced masonry railway structures
716 A study on Ling Shuhua and her literary writings: particular focus 1930s and 1940s
717 Comparative study of the literary field of Japan and China: Focus on literary debates and literary awards
718 Street children in China – reality, rescue practice and problematics
719 Rethink architectural local culture-nous and spermata in urbanism-
720 Alexander McQueen’s Storytelling” : A case study on 1995 A/W Collection Highland Rape”
721 Time-Pressure : An analysis of Tarkovsky’s space
722 Architecture to be wild
723 Study on liquefaction characteristics affected by fine particle
724 Formation and development of independent film in China