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This page is publishing the Master’s theses and Doctoral Dissertations lists.


Doctoral Dissertations

41 Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering ALAM SAYEDA SAIKA BINTE A Study on Dwellers’ Satisfaction with Slum Rehabilitation Scheme Apartments and Its Improvement in Mumbai, India
42 Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering NGUYEN PHAM QUANG VU Constitutive Model for Crushable Soils and Its Application to Geotechnical Problems
43 Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering THAMALI MENAKA GUNARATNA Interaction of Cross-Shore Sediment Mixing and Sediment Properties for Beach Topography Change in the Nearshore Region
44 Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering ARIFA IFFAT ZERIN Full Scale Numerical Simulation of Girder Bridges to Determine the Influential Factors Causing Transverse Cracking in RC Deck Slabs
45 Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering TRAN THI XUAN THANH Uncertainty Quantification of Model Parameters of Existing Structures Using Earthquake Response Data

Master’s Theses

608 The Topological Connection of the Environment -Architecture and Landscape Become Permanent Environment Topology-
609 Performance Evaluation of Torque Converter using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Comparison with Experimental Results
610 A Study on Dekassegui” by Latin Americans Nikkei in Japan : Focusing on the Working and Living Experiences of Japanese Paraguayans”
611 Seismic Risk Assessment Considering Emergency Response Diffculties in Dhaka City Corporation Area, Bangladesh
612 A Study on Modal Choice Behavior of High School Students in Da Nang City, Vietnam
613 Urban Accident Blackspots and Road Traffic Accident Vulnerability : A Case Study of East Jakarta Municipality, Indonesia
614 An Experimental Study on Particle Grading Effects on the Deformation Characteristics of Ballasts for Evaluation of Performance of Bangladesh Railway Ballast Grading
615 Modeling Non-stationary Adsorption of Binary Heavy Metals to Solids
616 A Study on Proper Intersection Layout Design for High-Proportion Motorcycle Traffic in Mandalay City
617 Water Exchange from the Mouth of Ise Bay and its Role in Generation Mechanism of Hypoxia
618 Investigation of Early Age Flexural Cracks in Long Span RC Box Girder Using Expansive Concrete
619 Long-term Trend Analysis of Hypoxia in Tokyo Bay
620 Economic Design Against Progressive Collapse of Multi Story Reinforced Concrete Building Under Gravity Load
621 Investigation of Aerodynamic Properties of Shape Modified Cable by Illumination Cable
622 Analysis of On-street Parking Impacts on Traffic Flow and Proposal of its Countermeasures
623 A Study on Expected Impacts of Dhaka Bus Rapid Transit on Land Use along the Corridor
624 Study on Deep Boundary -Architecture Build Transitional Landscape-
625 Pluralistic Architecture as Being Circumambient
626 Small Place for Social Interaction -A Study from Movement and Topological Space-The way for activities
627 Architecture as the Ground -Study on the Landscape of Tolerant Ruins-
628 Diaspora,the Essential of the City
629 Investigation on the Reproductive Rights of Women in China under the Family Planning Policy
630 Negative Capability of Architecture
631 Study on The Bucking Behaviour of Triradiate Decentering Jointed Wooden Latticed Dome on Hexagonal Plan with Structural Screw