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This page is publishing the Master’s theses and Doctoral Dissertations lists.


Doctoral Dissertations

23 Ph.D. in Engineering TABASSUM SAADIA Feeder network design to access an existing Bus Rapid Transit system in Lahore
24 Ph.D. in Engineering VO DUY HUNG Characteristics of stay cable dry galloping and effectiveness of spiral protuberance countermeasure
25 Ph.D. in Engineering MD AFTABUR RAHMAN Ascertaining a hands-on approach to estimate debris flow velocities for rational debris hazard mitigation
26 Ph.D. in Engineering RANKOTH CHAMILA KUMARA Investigation of time dependent stress at crown of second lining concrete of NATM tunnels for mitigating longitudinal cracks
27 D. Engineering MHMOUD SAUOD An experimental study on the seismic performance of RC beams with non-structural walls

Master’s Theses

407 Regionalism and possibility of new architecture, nostalgic but new shape in architecture
408 Study on development of preventive maintenance for traffic signal control system in Yangon
409 A study on accessibility improvement of the circular railway station in Yangon
410 Analyses on traffic accidents, motorcycle behaviors and safety measures in Mandalay, Myanmar
411 Proposal of long term bridge maintenance management plan in Myanmar
412 Evaluation of adhered sea-salt particle amount to four I-shaped girder bridge
413 Numerical investigation of aerodynamic characteristics of corner-cut bluff bodies by LES
414 Threshold and Region
415 A reconsideration of today’s vernacular in a diachronic landscape of new age
416 A study on Fluid Spaces -notation and design infusing time and movement-
417 Adjustability in a form and function
418 Intervention and its method of architecture to social isolated area