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This page is publishing the Master’s theses and Doctoral Dissertations lists.


Doctoral Dissertations

414 D. Engineering SHIGEKI KUSUHARA Study on wind-resistant design method for economically realization of long-span bridges based on full-scale measurement of Honshu-shikoku bridges
415 D. Engineering MAKOTO NINOMIYA Establishment of Quality Attainment System for Concrete Structures in a Local Government
17 Ph.D. in Engineering HIDALGO TOXQUI JUAN PABLO Proposal for the design of reinforced concrete columns that carry high axial force developing ductile behavior
18 D. Engineering POVEDA GIRONDA HUGO HUBERT Community’s Risk Perception and Attitude toward Landslide Disasters and the Effectiveness of Evacuation Strategy Application
19 D. Engineering YOON JANGSHIK A Study on the Direction of Urban Planning System based on Neighbourhood Planning Experiences in Japan
20 Ph.D. in Engineering KAIWAN WATTANA Traffic Volume Estimation using Dynamic Response Data acquired in a Cable-stayed Bridge
21 D. Engineering SAIYOT SAYAMON Study on mechanism of building resilience to floods in urban low-income communities in Thailand
22 Ph.D. in Engineering ZHOU YIZHI A study on the Characteristics about Traditional Vernacular Architectures in Southeast Coast of China

Master’s Theses

319 Cyclic loading test of reinforced concrete interior beam-column joint under low ratio of column to beam moment capacity
320 An experimental study on seismic performance and failure mode of the end of RC beams with non-structural wall having structural gaps
321 A study on the continuous care system with fragmented detached houses in aged suburban area -A case study on Imaizumidai, Kamakura City-
322 The construction method and structural characteristics of wooden torus using reciprocal frame
323 A study on the introduction effect and issue of independence distributed energy system in the business integrated district
324 Experimental study on surface treatment and slip-coefficient at slip-critical bolted connection in Stainless Steel
325 A Study on Two-Bases-Life-Form in the aging suburban residential area -The utilization of own house and nursing home in Aikohara-
326 Study on DIT(Do It Together) Activities to Improve Residential Environment -The Effects and Challenges of Simply Insulated Inner Window Projects-
327 Analytical Study on Demanded Ductility of Exposed Column Base in Steel Moment Frame
328 A study on the potential of the centers for creative community in town planning -Focusing on the central area of Yokohama city-
329 Study on Seismic Residence Design of Braced Moment Frames Considering Post-buckling Behavior
330 The Study of Urban Space management possibility by means of development negotiation procedure
331 A study on the development process of local revitalization based on the roadside station in Minamiboso City
332 Study on thermal environment improvement during winter for elderly people in old housing complex without large-scale repair
333 A study of transformation of shrine building and environment during modern era
334 Analysis of thermal and wind environment based on high-resolution simulations in MinatoMirai 21 district
335 A study on the succession of regional context in Yamate at Yokohama city -Focusing on Christian-based facilities in Yamate-
336 Study of technology development in a high-rise building for productivity improvement
337 Study on the Effect of Studded Joint on the Lateral Buckling Behavior of Steel Beam with RC Floor Slab
338 Yuzo Kawashima and Postwar Tokyo -Cinema and Urban planning of Postwar reconstruction Period-
339 A study on the way to share the vision of town scape and the security in the concurrent development of street and streetside
340 Evaluation of ununiformly distributed load after snow slide on the membrane of using particle method
341 An Experimental Study on Strength and Deformability of Beam with Slab
342 Experimental Study on Strength and Deformability of RC Exterior Beam-Column Joint under Low Ratio of Column to Beam Moment Capacity
343 A Study on Inter-Generational Living Situation in a detached house -For establishment of "Home-Share" in detached housing areas-
344 Study on methods of conservation and utilization of historical heritage -Focusing on analyses of the systems in Kanagawa Prefecture-
345 On the Musical Activities of Yasunao Tone -the Formation and Development of His Musical Perspective from 1960s onward
346 A study on the method to derive performance curve of the existing building with measured accelerations and numerical simulation
347 A study on the possibility of new regional reorganizations in terms of current conditions of use and management in villas, in Chino City
348 A Basic Study on Dynamic Behavior of ETFE Film under Tensile Membrane Structure
349 The study of category of builders consulting on insulation retrofit of residential houses
350 Spatial analysis of damage based on Tsunami inundation prediction
351 A study for the development of human resource in aged suburban housing areas -A case study of Imaizumidai, Kamakura city
352 Study on Constructing the Zone of Distributed Self-reliance Power in Consideration of Disaster
353 A study on the development of Ecomuseum with network of local peoples activities and consciousness -Case study on Chigasaki-
354 Psychological Effect on Indoor Visual Environment by Green Façade -Focusing on Green Coverage Ratio and Distribution
355 Study on estimation method of ultimate sheer strength of the large-diameter stud in composite girder
356 A study on universal design for improving workability -For the people with intellectual and developmental disability
357 A Study on environmental condition of child care support and outreach situation of region
358 The load -Space become glocal cultural center-
359 The city created by experience of person’s movement -the space created by partial edition of living region-
360 Studies of Architecture to produce the territory belonging to the plurality of persons
361 A study of architecture that sparks underlying functions inside apparent functions
362 Study on complex urban living
363 Architecture which re-construct local life-sphere
364 Architecture as environment artifacts
365 The microscopic special quality of the city by research on set of architecture
366 A Study of the groundscape and architecture
367 Possibility of the song expression in the present age
368 For space -the border between architecture and human-
369 Does space have effects on the unconscious?
370 Estimating construction period -an interior renovation project of a reinforced concrete apartment building
371 Study of concrete railway structure resisting lateral train load through side surface of sleeper
372 Development of vehicle avoiding conflicts algorithm for expressway weaving sections under a ITS automatic driving situation
373 Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis for wind stability of 2-box girder
374 Characteristic of Lateral Resistance of Sleepers with Buckling Preventing board in Ballasted Tracks
375 Relationship between response at inspection and internal defect for post-installed anchor
376 Study on structural optimization of super long-span cable-stayed suspension bridge
377 A Study on Evaluation of Parking Lots Mobility at Rest Areas on the Highway
378 Experimental study on the bearing capacity of foundation in crushable soils
379 A Study on Evaluation of Station Square as Communication Base
380 Study on optimization and stabilization mechanism of spiral protuberance cable
381 Development and Validation of new Measuring Method of saturation for laboratory tests on unsaturated soils
382 A study on users’ consciousness and their change of behavior in relation to the introduction of a multi-modal sharing system as a way of moving in a suburban residential area
383 A Study on the Environment for Child Rearing in Tsunami Affected Areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake -Focusing on outdoor playground in Otsuchi town, Iwate prefecture-
384 Reliability assessment of an existing steel girder bridge using posterior distributions of model parameters
385 Morphological features of landfills in terraces and evaluation of their seismic stabilities
386 Structure-borne noise analysis for local damage detection of steel plate girder bridges
387 A Study for the factors of self-neglect in the homeless elderly -"Rejection" as a means of self-protection
388 A study on the cost structure of BRT considering the pavement maintenance of bus exclusive way
389 Analysis of environmental effects on Dynamic Monitoring Data acquired in a PC Box Girder Bridge
390 Load Carrying Mechanism of RC Members with New Post-installed Shear Reinforcing Bars
391 Evaluating Mid-term Feasibility of Bottom-up Village Reconstruction plan from Natural Disaster in Developing Country -Case Study of 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster in Aceh province, Indonesia-
392 A Study on Applying a Multi-Mode Traffic Simulator to Traffic-Demand Analysis
393 Development of efficient measures against vibration of Goliath Crane
394 Investigation of Damage on Arakawa Steel Truss Bridge Structural Connection During Great East Japan Earthquake
395 A proposal for effective use of cooling water used for cutting asphalt pavements
396 Design and model experiment of self-rise shelters against tsunami
397 A study on the impact on workplace choice of low-income people by transportation cost reduction
398 A Study on the Evaluation of the Urban Linear Waterfront Focusing on Travel Behavior
399 A study on the determinants of public transport demand in African cities: A case study of the urban public bus services in Maputo
400 Sustainable Travel in Urban Environments -Importing pedestrian-cycle safety through the use of behavioral and educational strategies
401 A laboratory study on the scale of test models for evaluating the lateral resistance of sleepers in ballasted tracks
402 Research on supporting the left-behind aged population in the community of the Korean minority in rural China -The case of Yanbian as an example
403 The problems of rural women’s land rights in China -throughout the field research in rural villages of Wenzhou and Taizhou city, Zhejiang Province
404 Sound environment on children’s life in day nursery near arterial road -based on field survey of day nursery’s environment in Yokohama
405 The architecture which enlarge tier of space
406 Study on analysis of the effect of measures of economizing in energy consumption and the effectiveness evaluation by users in a Nursery school institution