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This page is publishing the Master’s theses and Doctoral Dissertations lists.


Doctoral Dissertations

406 D. Engineering HIDEAKI TAKAHASHI Bearing Capacity of Caisson Type Pile under Lateral Loading Condition on Slope
7 D. Engineering MICHIKO MATSUMURA A study on parking policy for people with limited mobility
8 Ph.D. in Engineering RETNO UTAMI AGUNG WIYONO Unstructured mesh tsunami simulation using FVCOM considering the fine structured of land use
9 Ph.D. in Engineering HIROKI TAMURA Study on the process of forming the recommendation "Preservation and Conservation of Archtectural Monuments" (1904)

Master’s Theses

215 Study of architecture expression in Manga and other media
216 Production/Reproduction of Body Image – Contextualization of Body through Art After Modernism
217 A Study on Intermediate-unit between City and Nature Reorganizing Relationship between Environment and Human being
218 Reconsideration of Critical Regionalism
219 City as spaces for movements
220 The Social System and Urban Space
221 Research on the development of village management of the public-private collaboration in provinces mountain area — focusing on villageplan in Wakasa-cho, Fukui Pref. —
222 Research on the possibility for "Area Renovation" that taking advantage of its potential of regional structure — In the case of Residential-Industrial mixed use area of Ota —
223 A study on structural performance of repaired traditional wooden building
224 A study on establishment and reception of main hall with flat roof in Buddist temple architecture — with a focus of cases in Tokyo Prefecture —
225 Update Reality
226 Study on the Form and Structural Properties of Reciprocal Frame Dome using thinnings
227 Research on the evaluation method of productivity of site work in interior repair of an apartment–Focusing on the evaluation method of every share photography–
228 A study on the process of landscape and activity creation and Community Participation taking in street Re-allocation project — Case study of central district in local city —
229 Study on environmental action at the time of using Communication Robot in the common space of facilities for the elderly
230 A study on shape and mechanical properties of damper for steel structural prefabricated houses
231 Study on planning process of home remodeling buisiness of constraction companies
232 A study on Design Method of Web Bolted Connections in Field Type Connections and Plastic Deformation performance of Steel Beam
233 Research on the possibility of regeneration in suburban residential areas in terms of the new activity in an area — A case study along the Sotetsu Izumino Line —
234 Experimental study of ∅25 stud connectors in composite girder using steel deck — Interrelation between push-out test and beam bending test —
235 Experimental study on lateral deformation capacity of RC column under varying high axial load
236 On drawn spaces — Tactile surface of Alvar Aalto works
237 Study on the role and its consciousness of welfare facilities for the elderly in the area — Survey of the local inclusion care in Tokiwadai area, Yokohama City —
238 A research on network of local resources from parents and child’s daily life and purchase sphere
239 A study on the supply sistems of wooden temporary housing under disaster
240 Survey about housing of children with intellectual and developmental disavility ; Focusing on accident prevention around the kichen area
241 A study on "Revue Général de l’Architecture et des Travaux Publics" : On the Conservation and Restoration of Historic Monuments
242 Analytical Study on evaluation of damping force with observed records by Equivalent linear Analysis
243 A Study on Material and Structural Characteristics of ETFE film Effects of Pre-Extention and Heat-Treatment
244 Study on conversion of vacant houses in aged suburban detached housing area — A survey for "Aging in place" in Imaizumidai, Kamakura —
245 Experimental study on material properties and In-plane shear behaviour of masonry walls using ALC blocks
246 A study of Yukio Fujimoto’s "Sound Art" : Consideration of spatiality
247 Research On The Possibility For Habitat And Land Use Utilizing Regional Environment In Population Shrinking Area: The Case of Valley Side District In Yokosuka
248 A study on the working space in rocal area — from the survey in suburban housing area —
249 Research on the management method for development of urban space in Residence and Commerce coexistence area with a focus the urban development organization — Case study in Jiyugaoka area —
250 Study on vegetation analysis of former mulberry field and use of the result in Tsuru City
251 A Study on Conserving the Groups of Traditional Buildings — A Case of Murata Area, Murata Town, Miyagi Prefecture —
252 A Study of Abbot Suger’s conception of "brightness" on his works
253 Study on Contributing Factors and Prevention of Arson Fire based on Analyzing Spatial Characteres of Urban Area
254 A Study on Effects of the Remodeling in Sericulture Farmhouses — In Tsukui District, Kanagawa Pref. —
255 Reconsideration of the historical vew of dialectics in the Hegel interpretation of Kojѐve
256 A Study on Post-Buckling Behavior and Energy Dissipation Capacity of Braced Moment Frames
257 Research on the actual situation of the new method for establishment and management of allotment gardens and the effect of promoting urban resident’s startup farming — A case study in Yokohama —
258 The architecture which form a New Intermediate Groups
259 "Multi" functionalism — Multifunction and a no function —
260 The Form of Streets — Studies for the architecture with streets —
261 Study of space to create a communal consciousness
262 Theory of Renewal of Street Market as Dailylife Base
263 The study on the architecture affording relationship
264 Architecture embracing urbanities
265 Architecture that can become physical context
266 The Notation of Microscopic-Environment
267 Studies for reorganizing city and architecture with conversion of context
268 Architecture reorganizing city
269 An Essay on Editing Environment
270 the flexible shelter — the study of inside and outside, a boundary —
271 On the System of Edited Film
272 Circular Gazes
273 Research of the Moisture Absorbtion and Desorption Characteristics of Mud-walls in Warehouses — Discussing the Possibility on Repairing the Mud-walls in the Former Fujino-Machi, Sagamihara City based on Field Ssurvey and Numerical Analysis —
274 A Research on Digital Game Player Activities and Player Community Formation in eSports
275 Architecture as Environment Controlling Apparatus — Towards a Transversing City —
276 The family situation in France — focus on the study of Pacs
277 Establishment of Numerical Simulation Method for Crack of Tunnel Lining Concrete
278 Fiber-optic multivariate sensing for monitoring of stay cable
279 Proposal of Suface Water Absorption Test Method Considering Moisture Content of Covercrete
280 Verification of method to improve durability of utility concrete poles under corrosive environment by acceleration test
281 Proposal of High Performance Mortar with Less Environmental Load using Clinker Fine Aggregate
282 Experimental investigation of the effect of coastal structures on muddy coast
283 Seepage and deformation simulations of ballasted railroads with consideration of flow-out of particles
284 Fundamental study of the effect of flyash improver on liquefiable sand
285 Dynamic charasteristic identification of Thuan Phuoc Bridge in Vietnam
286 Reproductive rights and self-determination of women — Case study on family planning in Republic of Kiribati
287 Self Empowerment of the Ngöbe Buglé Women of Panama : A case study of their Handcraft Projects
288 Effects of turbulence on Separation Interference Method
289 A study on the possibility of introducting Mobility Management utilizing public buses and hotel buses in tourist areas
290 Uniaxial tension characteristics of fiber reinforeed cementitious composite subjected to repeated loading
291 A study on the effect of multi-modal information provision after arrival at the destination
292 Experimental study on influence of cable roughness for dry-galloping
293 Developments of coupled simulations of multi-phase ground and their applications to some problems
294 Development of centrifugal tensile testing apparatus and method for evaluating deformation characteristic of cemented geomaterials
295 A study of U-turn Control Scheme at Grade Intersections
296 Strategy of woman who live a gendered space in Mrocco
297 Study on Numerical Model Calibration of existing bridges with corroded bearings
298 A study on the deployment possibility for paratransit of South-east Asian metropolis to Japan
299 Identification of hidden landslides triggerd in the Oct. 23rd, 2004 Mid-Niigata Prefecture earthquake and its implementation for land conservation
300 Study on slacking and deformation characteristics of geo materials
301 The mechanism elucidation of the tunnel collapse in the Chuetsu earthquake
302 Wake-induced vibration characteristics by parallel cable distance
303 Analysis of bridge inspection data in Kanagawa Prefecture
304 Influence of the properties of post-installed anchors on the behavior of retrofitted RC structures under cyclic loading
305 Quantitative assessment of sedimentary oxigen-consumption potential and its decades variation of Lake Shinji
306 Numerical Analysis of Blue Tide by A 3D Model in Consideration of Oxdation Reaction of Sulfur
307 Clarification of effects of angle of measurement on Surface Water Absorption Test
308 A study on route setting of community buses in residential area
309 Changes to Japan culture to see through Korea publication
310 A study of World Cultural Heritage and tourism policy in Local city of France — From "The historic site of Lyon" —
311 Analysis of environmental effects on PC box-girder bridge using long-term monitoring data